AWS Serverless

AWS Serverless

This is a catch-all category for Amazon Web Services serverless services (I just could not help myself). Only DynamoDB has its own category. 

Pinned Links

All Thing Distributed (blog post link)
→ Werner Vogels blog.
→ blog post link
AWS re:Invent 2014 Announcing AWS Lambda (video link)
→ The 2014 re:Invent session announcing Lambda
→ video link
Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda: Overview and Best Practices, November 2017 (pdf link)
→ This AWS whitepaper is meant to provide you with a broad overview of AWS Lambda, its features, and a slew of recommendations and best practices for building your own serverless applications on AWS
→ pdf link

5 Lessons I’ve Learned After 2 Billion Lambda Executions
→ At this point, we have more than 250 lambda functions that have executed over 2 billion times in total...

Article Links

AWS Lambda: Under the Hood — How Lambda Works
→ Introduction to how Lambda works.
Starter Guide & “Things I wish I knew before” for AWS Lambda
→ More of a nice summary of Lambda, less of a "wish I knew".
How to run API Gateway, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB locally
→ Ever felt the urge to do cloud development while on a boat or a train? Guess what, you can!

Blog Post Links

Two Views of Lambda Diverged in a Yellow Wood
→ Decouple how you think about Lambda from the request invocation.
The serverless LAMP stack part 4: Building a serverless Laravel application
→ Part 4 of a good blog series on AWS compute blog.

Podcast Link

Full Stack Radio #120: Taylor Otwell - Serverless Laravel With Vapor
→ Adam talks to Taylor Otwell about Laravel Vapor, the new serverless platform for Laravel applications that was recently announced at Laracon US.

Video Links

Serverless architectural patterns and best practices (re:Invent 2019)
→ Reusable serverless patterns while considering costs.
A Serverless Journey: Lambda Under the Hood (re:Invent 2018)
→ How Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your code.

Website Links

Last Week in AWS
→ Blog and podcasts and stuff about AWS.
AWS Event-Driven Architecture Home Page
→ AWS event driven architecture home page.