Sponsorship Description

updated: September 28, 2022
Sponsorship in a Nutshell

⦿ Number of sponsors: 15

⦿ Sponsorship amount: $250usd per month

⦿ Expected sponsorship term: November 2022 to May 2023. Sponsorship is not open-ended.

⦿ via GitHub Sponsors

⦿ I do not have an employer with which to donate salaried time.
Sponsorship is Not Open-ended
Sponsorship is for the short term intensive effort required to produce free and open source materials.

This effort is short-term, and not open-ended. The period is from November 2022 to May 2023. At the end of this period, we will conclude sponsorship.

If it takes less time, then we'll conclude sponsorship earlier.
What Happens After The Short-Term Sponsorship?
After the short-term intensive work is done, my project will continue.

I will keep the repos updated. I will publish new blog posts. I will add new links to my list. I will do some videos. This ongoing effort will require, at most, a part-time effort. I expect to fund it with my podcasts (which will be, mostly, about PHP serverless), and with new PHP serverless consulting gigs.

I am thinking of opening a nominal GitHub Sponsors tier for my 15 sponsors, to continue showcasing them as Founding and Ongoing sponsors.

Let's assess things in Mar/Apr.
I am Not Offering Consulting Styled Sponsorship Inducements:
It is common practice for developers to offer consulting styled inducements in their higher monied tiers in GitHub Sponsors. I talked about this practice in a podcast, Gifting a Contract.

I am not offering any sponsorship inducements for this project. The primary reason is potential liability. In an extreme circumstance, with Lambda and its associated Amazon services billed on a variable, per-use, basis, if something goes very strangely wrong, regardless of the reason, and despite qualifying for the AWS free tier, charges can get out of hand.
"Thank You's":
My sponsors deserve recognition and gestures of appreciation:

⦿ Your "sponsor badge" should display automatically in my GitHub's PHP Serverless Project's organization, which is a GitHub feature
⦿ Please send me your logo, and your URL, so I can include it in PHPServerlessProject.com's footer
⦿ I will create a "sponsors.md" in the Discussions repo in GitHub, and list your logo with your link there. I will then add a "sponsors.md" to each repo that links to the Discussion repo's "sponsor.md" page
⦿ I will add your corporate name with your link to a "sponsors" section in the description of the YouTube videos
⦿ I will add your logo to a "sponsors" section in my videos, at the end, just before my outro. I will add a quick section at the beginning of videos as well
⦿ I will add your logo and link to my project's Discord Server, in a read-only public "sponsors" text channel in the ANNOUNCEMENTS category

Over the years co-organizing PHP meet-ups, I've had experiences with corporate hosts who were, um, a bit aggressive in their desires for Official Recognition. It can be a Very Fine Line separating expressions of gratitude from actual advertising. My intention is to be understated in expressing gratitude, but to express gratitude often, so the PHP Community will know of your sponsorship.

It is hardest to say "yes" to sponsoring when you are the first ones doing so. So my first five sponsors will be listed first, with my first sponsor always listed first, second listed second, etc. Sixth to fifteen will be listed in alpha order.
I set up a GitHub repo just for discussions, which uses the GH Discussions feature. I prefer that conversations happen in this repo, so that the PHP community be able to read the history, and comment.

I set up a Discord Server. The invite is: https://discord.gg/KWTScNN6p3. Discord is for informal chit-chat, where you can hail me, for impromptu voice chats, and has sponsors only channels. Still, my preference is the Discussions repo.
I Am Asking a Lot From You
I am asking a lot from you. That you should take a shot on someone with a modicum of profile in the PHP Community. Who has not done a sponsored project before. How do you know that I'll keep this project going? Or that I'll produce the materials? I am not asking for all the sponsorship up-front. Just month-to-month, for seven months. So you are risking the first month's sponsorship, and if you do not like what you see, you can cancel your sponsorship in GitHub.

I am asking that you give it two months (August and September), because I am continuing my dive down the PHP Runtime Rabbit Hole, then the PHP Container Rabbit Hole. So I will not be publishing much materials right away whilst I research things first.

I have provided enough materials to justify your taking a shot at 2 x $250 sponsorship. I am sure that you will go the distance with me.

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