December 2021 Line-up

December 2021 Line-up

It's like a product launch:

  • My updates to this site are almost done.
  • Two podcast drafts ready to finalize and produce.
  • GitHub Sponsors now set up with the profile description and tier done, and will be finalized tomorrow with fresh eyes. 

The languishing period is done. Time to get rolling. Still uneasy and nervous about actively seeking sponsors, but nonetheless will proceed.

So what is on deck for this project for December?

First thing is to follow up with Amazon about credits, about getting some tech support on knotty questions, and enquiries about the mechanics of providing runtimes and layers to the PHP community. This week is re:Invent, so this may sit in an inbox.

Well, actually, first thing is seeking out sponsors.

Second thing is to take a look at the repos that I published months ago. Maybe some quick refreshes are in order. I want these to work on PHP 8.1, which should be super easy to do on Lambda, right? My code should not require any tweaking -- sure!

Then, I will start the new "Hello World" repo to help me dig into a "Best Practices" development cycle for a micro-services PHP Lambda function. Using Bref and the Serverless Framework. And using GitHub Actions. This is going to be an ongoing exercise that goes beyond December. I consider this effort to be core to my project. This month is the kick-off. 

I will start looking at runtimes and layers this month. Just read about AWS Linux 2022 ( I am as concerned about automating the runtime updates as I am about putting the original runtimes together. 

Are we limited with what we do with layers because what resides in layers cannot be included in composer's autoload.php? A burning question of mine.

My next video will probably -- probably! -- be about Lambda billing. 

That is it. Short and sweet!