January 2023 Update

January 2023 Update

With the advent of video updates, and with a decided lack of emphasis on doing blog posts, it has been a while since I did a blog post. I wanted to do a quick blog post update here. 

With my podcasts being regularly published this fall, and with my automated podcast post-production processing now done (as I built my own podcast platform to help me manage and self-host my podcasts), I am ready to include my podcasts as an integral aspect of sponsorship. 

I have been uneasy about doing a two-phased sponsorship. Hence, my hesitation in pursuing it. I am very happy to discard this notion, and to include my podcasts in it. 

I am preparing a private video for potential sponsors. If you are interested in being one of my fifteen sponsors, please contact me. 

I will do an update video shortly. 

And that's it for this update blog post.